Project History Highlights

Briends GmbH 11/2023 - 2024


Svelte/SvelteKit, Websockets, Kotlin, Vert.x, Docker, NixOS, Terraform, Google Cloud, Kubernetes

Klingel Gruppe 2021 - 2023

Senior DevOps & Full-stack Developer in E-Commerce Search Engine Team

Klingel Gruppe (K - Mail Order GmbH & Co. KG) was the third biggest multi-channel mail order company in Germany with a focus on fashion and lifestyle products.


Scala, React/Preact, Vue.js, Design System in Figma, Solr, AWS, Gitlab CI/CD, Kubernetes, Docker, DataDog, Postgres, Apache Kafka, NixOS, Nginx, Terraform, Renovate

Fielmann AG 2019 – 2020

Tech Lead iOS App of a Tablet Based Centration Team


C#, .Net, Xamarin, Jenkins, AWS, iOS, fastlane

Fielmann AG 2018 – 2019

Senior DevOps & Full-stack Developer in Product Catalog Team


Kotlin, React, Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, Kafka, Concourse CI, Spring Boot, Postgres, NixOs, Terraform

Oaktree Technologies GmbH 2012 – 2020

Consultant for Project Onboarding Tablet Based Centration
Consultant for Data-Science Team in Architecture, Automatization and Development Workflow

Oaktree Technologies GmbH is a subsidiary of the Fielmann AG. The company is specialized in developing digital solutions for opticians. Centration app is now branded as Qvido.


Python, NumPy, Jupiter Notebooks, Github Actions, Microsoft Azure

Verlag Herder GmbH - Kitalino GmbH 2021

Consultation on Architecture, Automatization, and API Development

The Kitalino GmbH is a subsidiary of the Herder Verlag that offers digital solutions for daycare centers and their supporting organizations. As a core feature Kitalino offers digital development documentation of children.


Distributed Architectures, Keycloak, Docker & Docker Compose, MySQL, Nginx, PHP 7 & Symfony 4, Jenkins Pipeline

Briends GmbH Papego - Co-Founder 2012 – present

Co-Founder of a Startup in the Publishing Industry

Papego was an app for continuing reading printed books digitally, supported by several German publishers. The app was available for iOS and Android and was critically acclaimed by the press. The app was discontinued in 2023.


Haskell, Google Cloud, Cloud Build, Kubernetes, Docker, Nix, React, Angular, Ionic, Svelte, Swift, Kotlin, Postgres, ElasticSearch, Google Cloud Build CI/CD, NixOS, Terraform





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